IndiePlaya offers many different ways to access content on our platform. Using our feeds, you can automatically download your movie purchases (if allowed), you can get an update whenever that new hot movie comes in, or anything in-between.

Below are just a few examples of popular podcasts and feeds that you can use, but anything that you can browse can become a feed and anything that you can have as a feed can be a podcast. On the navigation page, simply select "Subscribe" from your browser and you will automatically have access to your feed. Some feeds (such as your favorites), require authentication and others work best when you are authenticated. In those instances, you will be asked to provide your username and password.

For podcasts, replace the root of the URL with itpc://localhost, as shown in the examples below:

  • Trailers for films that were released in the last 30 days
  • Trailers for films that are coming soon
  • Trailers for films that are most active
  • Trailers for films that were most recently uploaded

All of our feeds are in the PodCast data format so you can automatically plug us into iTunes® or your Apple TV™.