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The Mighty Celt uplifts and charms. Young Donal, growing up alone with his mother, Kate, works after school for Good Joe, a local greyhound trainer. As Donal's talent with dogs becomes apparent, he strikes a deal with Good Joe to own a...
Genres: Drama
"The best laid schemes of mice and men go oft awry." - Poet Robert Burns, 1786 The Plans of Man is a sweet, intelligent and honest romantic comedy that looks at what happens when your map for life leads to an unexpected fork in the road...
Genres: Comedy , Romance
The Poet and the Con is a 78 minute "personal voice" documentary about the relationship between the filmmaker, Eric Trules, a performance poet, and his uncle, Harvey Rosenberg, a career criminal and confessed murderer. It is also a film...
Ratings: PG:US
Genres: Documentary
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