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Seth Collison (Nestor Serrano) is a man obsessed. His 21 hidden cameras let him peer unobserved into the darkest corners of his exotic habitat. Nothing escapes his gaze, from the way his grumbling employees handle his precious gems to...
Ratings: R:US , PG-13:US
Genres: Mystery


In the vein of the master Alfred Hitchcock, veteran French director Jacques Otmezguine blends humor and tension to create a thriller that is both fast-paced and sexy. Although his personal life is a disaster (his wife is divorcing him...
Genres: Thriller
Award winner, Accidental Hero plunges the viewer into a multi-racial high school classroom where the focus of the students is winning...bringing home a state championship in a little known academic sport called "forensics." The art of...
Genres: Documentary
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