Filmmakers and Distributors
Expand Your Audience
You got into this business because you have something to say — a story to tell. You know that a great story needs an audience and more than anything, you want to GROW your audience as large as possible. We help you do this by:

Matching Audiences and Film
Our matching and recommendation system was built with one purpose in mind: To expose your film to the people who most likely to want to see it. Using factors such as community reviews, purchase history, and our own proprietary data-collection and scrubbing process, we can present your content to audiences that you may never have found otherwise. You will love it because they'll become familiar with you and they will love it because your film will become their next gem.

Getting the Audience to Interact With You and Others
With our rich social networking integrations, your audience can promote your film to their friends and community. This goes WAY beyond the hackneyed "share this link" stuff that other people do. We try to involve your audience with the film and to take them back to an experience that people share together. Using these same technologies, you can also "break the fourth wall" with your audience and talk with them directly. Even if you can't speak to everyone, you can look at WHO and HOW your audience consumes film and compare that to WHO and HOW similar films interact with their audiences. This gives you a leg up in finding groups that you wouldn't have known about before.

Maximize Your Revenues
You have investors and a business to run. Without being a responsible business person, you won't last long in any industry, and without some level of commercial success, your investors won't return your phone calls. We help you maximize your revenues by providing:

Low-Cost, High-Value
You don't pay us a commission or sign an exclusive deal with us. You just upload your content, and every time someone downloads your film, we keep a fixed, itemized price based on our costs to deliver it for you. Our system is built to handle many thousands of transactions per day, and because of this, our costs are exceptionally low. (Please see our Terms of Service for further details.)

Flexible Licensing and Pricing
Not everyone consumes content the same way. Based on your film's audience, release date and marketing investment, you should be able to structure a set of offerings that maximize your viewership. These viewing options aren’t only about price, but many other alternatives as well, such as whether this is a one-time rental, short-term rental or purchase, whether the resolution is in High-Def or Standard-Def, etc.

You also have options as to how content can be consumed, such as streaming, download and play, or whether digital rights should be enforced. In other words, your sales decisions don't have to force you into a "race to the bottom," and IndiePlaya's patent-pending technologies can keep your film's sales healthy much longer.

Upsells and Cross-sells and Bundles, Oh My!
Only IndiePlaya's patent-pending technologies give you the option of targeting customers who have already purchased your content and dynamically give them additional options. Our unique platform allows you to:

  • Re-package your content so that rentals can be converted to sales.
  • Target customers who have already purchased content by offering them special deals.

What's more, you can dynamically bundle films together to make "collections" that can be a one-stop-shop for consumers who are interested in your films. They may not buy every film separately, but many people appreciate a deal if you are willing to give them one. Only IndiePlaya allows you to do this on-the-fly and gives you the data to decide when it makes sense to do so.

Learn About Your Audience
The most successful companies understand their customers and respond to their demands. We help you do this by enabling you to:

Talk Directly With Your Audience
Want to REALLY know what your audience thinks? Try out our proprietary The Filmmaker Is In™ application. This is a chat room located right on your film's page. Don't worry, we'll let them know that you're the real deal, and you can ask them questions... or just sit back and listen to them. We’re sure they’ll tell you what’s on their minds!

View License and Pricing Data
Who will consume your content, how, and for how much? What should your initial pricing be? We have reports that can help you decide the answers to these and other questions before you release your film, as well as after.

Promote your Work
You have something interesting to say, but don't want to get lost in the crowd. You need some way to ensure that your content doesn't get buried in an avalanche of new content. We help you do this by enabling you to:

Post Ads Right on Our Site
We give filmmakers an exclusive place, right in the Search Results page, where they can promote their film. Our ad rates for filmmakers are well below market prices for similar sites, as long as you are promoting a film that is hosted here.

Use Our Data to Help Your Efforts Elsewhere
We don't rule the world. That's your job. :) Take our data and use it to help you run a broader, far-more-effective marketing and distribution strategy.