Auge um Auge

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Plot: The film about a family of refugees, who have found chelter in a home in German city.

Ratings: Unrated

Genres: Drama

Country: Germany   Languages: English , German


Runtime: 99 min


The film about a family of refugees, who have found chelter in a home in German city.


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This film highlights a series of political assassinations in different countries and tries to find the very complex and complicated relations between these assassinations and the Iranian Intelligence service that is behind all this. For the first time this documentary by the renowned Iranian film director, Mansour Ghadarkhah, in collaboration with NDR and ARTE reveals the activities of the Iranian intelligence agency and its death squads’ activities outside Iran. The film exposes a series of assassinations of prominent Iranian opposition figures in exile and tracks the role of the Iranian embassies and diplomatic corps as the collaborators. Islamic fundamentalism has been on the rise since Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran in 1979. This has resulted in expansion of fundamentalism globally, an increasing assault on the U.S. and European citizens and a sharp rise on kidnappings, terrorist attacks, and bombings with devastating consequences. Many western cities have witnessed the murder of Iranian regime’s opponents as well. These cruel activities, although have been targeted on Iranian nationals primarily, has taken a new twist which has impacted the citizens of these countries! "The mullahs' regime in Tehran stands on two pillars: Suppression of any opposition inside the country and expansion of terrorism abroad”. The attack in September 1992 in a Berlin restaurant called Mykonos, in which four Iranian political opponents were murdered, is just one of the links in a long chain of terrorist attacks.(Testimony of an opposition) Since the 1979 revolution in Iran and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, more than 120,000 people in Iran have been executed for political reasons. Many were executed after summary trials, some without even giving their names! Human rights violations in Iranian prisons have been rampant. The terrorist acts in general are committed by death squads, whose members are professional hit men and terrorists. All the evidences indicate that Tehran is in charge these hit squads. Numerous reports from western intelligence and security sources indicate a very high level of direct involvement of very high ranking Iranian officials in planning and coordinating these terrorist activities. Evidences that implicate the diplomatic representatives of the Iranian regime abroad are numerous and abundant. The Iranian embassies have played a key role in providing logistics and support for these terrorist operations. Numerous interviews with the victims of the Iranian terrorism, experts and politicians lead to the assessment that the policy of appeasement and negotiation with the Iranian regime has failed.
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