Bye-Bye Bin Laden

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Plot: Based on the hit stage musical that the San Francisco Bay Guardian called, "smartly written, consistently funny, and well-acted," Bye Bye Bin Laden! follows the exploits of Osama bin Laden after deciding he needs a hit TV show to boost the Taliban's waning ...

Ratings: Unrated

Genres: Animated, Comedy

Country: United States   Languages: English

Manny Todd Banhazl
and 108 others.

Runtime: 72 min

Awards: (Winner) South Beach International ...


Based on the hit stage musical that the San Francisco Bay Guardian called, "smartly written, consistently funny, and well-acted," Bye Bye Bin Laden! follows the exploits of Osama bin Laden after deciding he needs a hit TV show to boost the Taliban's waning popularity. Will it be Osama of Mayberry, I Love Prakhbar, or Ask the Taliban - The Game Show Where the Taliban Provides the Answers? Not to be outdone, the Bushes fight back with The George and Jenna Comedy Hour, a variety show fully equipped with dancing crucifixes and Jenna wearing some highly patriotic hot pants. Packed with off-color humor that skewers everyone from politicians to the media, Bye Bye Bin Laden! finds a way to offend just about everyone while having an outrageously good time.


(Winner)South Beach International Animation Festival Best Feature

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Size: 20 MB Resolution: 720x478
Languages: English

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Associate Producer Geoffrey Stone

Manny Todd Banhazl

Associate Producer Christine Rhee

Associate Producer Julien Shields

Co-Producer Jennifer Corker

Co-Producer Zachary Knoles

Executive Producer Pablo Furman

Associate Producer Lawrence Caces

Opie bin Laden Gerry Doot

Prakhbar bin Laden Carolyn Beach

Reporter Chloe Bronzan

Director Scott Sublett

Executive Producer Mike Adams

Writer Scott Sublett

Key Animator Paulette Trinh

Assistant Animator Aletta Wenas

Background Artist Aletta Wenas

Background Artist Ian Wing

Background Artist James Spencer

Key Animator Geoffrey Stone

Assistant Animator Ana Tam

Background Artist Ana Tam

Songs Jef Labes

Songs Scott Sublet

Distributors Cinequest Distribution

Ethel Schmertz Tori Truss

Abstract Expressionist Nicole Yazolino

Original Music Jason Thorpe Buchanan

Film Editor Zachary Knoles

Casting Joey Sandin

Art Director Dave Perry

Concept Artist Julie Bayless

Concept Artist Tony Bui

Gilligan Impersonator Januel Mercado

Hare Krishna Kevin Nakatani

Allison Lizzy O'Hara

Donald Rumsfeld Charlie Queary

Josh the Roachboy William Romano-Pugh

Jenna Bush Joey Sandin

Sportscaster Luke Sharkey

Mullah Omar Edgar Stone

Jenna Bush (songs) Karyna Fraser

Ashjaal Patricia Driscoll

Mark Bingham Craig Marker

Osama bin Laden Lance Gardner

Zareem Regina Melzer

Abdulaziz James Marsh

Assistant Animator Gary Goncalves

Background Artist Gary Goncalves

Assistant Animator Adam Dresher

Background Artist Jamaica Dyer

Character Design David Coffman

Assistant Animator Wally Der

Assistant Animator Renee Carty

Background Artist Amie Chan

Character Design Lawrence Caces

Key Animator Lawrence Caces

Background Artist Brittnie Bruner

Character Design Tony Bui

Storyboard Artist Ian Wing

Character Design Julie Bayless

Storyboard Artist Geoffrey Stone

Concept Artist Ian Wing

Production Artist Yingxin Shi

Storyboard Artist Julien Shields

Concept Artist Christine Rhee

Production Artist Lap Nguyen

Production Artist Vince Morado

Production Artist Hasani McIntosh

Production Artist Jimmy Lam

Concept Artist Zachary Knoles

Storyboard Artist Nicole Jones

Storyboard Artist Roger Iu

Concept Artist Roger Iu

Concept Artist Michael Hsu

Production Artist Gloria Foster

Storyboard Artist Renee Carty

Concept Artist Lawrence Caces

Storyboard Artist Tony Bui

Assistant Animator David Shen

Background Artist David Shen

Key Animator Julien Shields

Character Designer Sophorn Sin

Background Artist Christine Rhee

Background Artist Alyssa Robbins

Animator Rebbaz Royee

Assistant Animator Rebbaz Royee

Background Artist Jeff Ordillo

Animation Director Dave Perry

Assistant Animator Dave Perry

Animator Matthew Pugnetti

Assistant Animator Yuri Mikami

Assistant Animator Vanessa Mull

Background Artist Vanessa Mull

Assistant Animator Jeff Ordillo

Character Designer Steven Lomboy

Background Artist Homer Lin

Background Artist Jon Mendez

Background Artist Pat Marconett

Background Artist Zachary Knoles

Assistant Animator Zachary Knoles

Assistant Animator Homer Lin

Assistant Animator Cynthia Lee

Background Artist Chris Jacobs

Character Design Roger Iu

Background Artist Nicole Jones

Assistant Animator Nicole Jones

Animator Michael Hsu

Character Design Gary Goncalves

Key Animator Kevin Huang

Assistant animator Michael Hsu

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